Scrubcaps Made To Order

We offer three great styles to choose from so you can be sure to choose a style that will suit your needs!!




Our Classic Style is our most comfy scrubcap design and it's a favorite with our ladies as it can accommodate all hair styles thanks to an elastic back that expands to fit a large range of head sizes. Best for short to medium lengths of hair.  
Our Just for Men Style is a sleeker variation of our Classic Style and our guys love its comfortably snug fit, with the elastic back for a one size fits all kind of feel so you can rock your cap all day!
Our Bouffant Style is designed for the "Big Hair, Don't Care" kinda crowd or the really long hair lovers that want a little extra room..this style is super comfy thanks to an adjustable cord lock elastic in the back.

**All caps can be ordered with or without matching buttons and satin lining is available by Special Request at additional cost.


***How to order?  Click on the Fabric Category of your choice, Scroll through the selections in the drop down menu, select the fabric you want, select the style, choose a button option and order!

Fabric Categories contain multiple Fabrics so be sure to click on each Category to see ALL available fabric Choices!!**