About Me

Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by my shop!!

I am the proud mom of three adult kids who I was fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom to for 20 yrs. I have an amazing, patient, indulgent husband and we just celebrated 25yrs of marriage. God love the man that is alot of crazy to put up with!

I am currently a full-time Registered Respiratory Therapist and work in a busy critical care hospital. For those who know, this can often times be very stressful and quilting and crafting is my stress relief! 

My hobby has turned into an obsession over the years and since I am the Queen of oversharing, I am sharing that obsession with all of you muahahaha!!

I credit my amazing, talented Grandmother, my Meme' Irma, for passing her love of sewing and crafting down to me. She was an amazing sewist, and her skills with knitting and crochet needles were astounding. She was a meticulous teacher and I have her to thank for my perfectionist tendencies where my crafts are concerned. It was this inspiration that got me through Home Economics in Junior High, and I fell in love with sewing but her love of Crocheting became my passion for many years.

I was bit by the Quilting bug about twenty years ago and it all began when I attended a Craft Fair at a Navy Base while my family was living in Spain. I was instantly captivated by the amazing creations and decided this was something I NEEDED to do!! The problem was the lack of in person classes overseas, so I had to teach myself using the internet as my guide. I convinced my adoring and patient husband to let me buy a sewing machine and it was all a downhill crazy rollercoaster ride from there, which, if I'm honest..really hasn't stopped since! 

The love of sewing other than quilts came a few years later while living in Italy and its all thanks to my amazing friend and neighbor Ada. She is an amazing seamstress and she taught me how to do alterations, make curtains, pretty much everything I didn't know I needed to know. I'm sure she got sick of me knocking on her door to help me with the latest project, but for some reason she accepted my crazy and remains to this day my dearest friend.

Scrubcaps of course, came as a product of the pandemic and it was something that I could clearly see a need for in my workplace, and well, let me tell you, combining my love for making stuff, cool fabric, unique creations and don't forget my button addiction?? Yea, that's all I have to say about that!

Then there is the bags..oh how I love bags!!  I love buying them and when I learned how to make them it was pretty much an obsession! I love bagmaking, and I love sharing that with all of you!

Everything else just kind of happened. I love crafts and everything to do with them..tote bags, t-shirts, tumblers, signs...there really isn't anything I don't love making, so if there is something on my page you haven't seen, just ask because chances are I have made it, will make it, or will learn HOW to make it :D

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