Custom Quilt Order Information


A custom handmade quilt is a fantastic way to celebrate a special person or event in your life. Custom quilts make great gifts and can become a legacy gift that can be passed down for generations.

But how does the custom quilt process work?


Here is a snapshot of how the commission process goes when you work with me as your designated custom quiltmaker.

Basic notes about custom quilts:

  • I am delighted to work with you. Coming up with beautiful solutions for your needs is a great joy for me. I can’t wait to hear about what inspires you..
  • I value the customer’s ideas and opinions. Feel free to approach me with ideas about what colors you like, what you want to celebrate and what your favorite quilts are of mine from my Instagram page here.
  • Quilt-making is a slow process. Please be prepared to pay a fair price for the creation of an heirloom. Custom quilts have taken me anywhere between 15-100 hours to make. See below for basic beginning costs
  • Usually, we begin by a consultation which can be handled in person or over the phone or live chat. I’ve had some customers where all of our interactions took place through messaging - I will work with whatever is best for you, but in person is best in my opinion.
  • Some techniques are easier than others depending on the pattern, and piecing technique it can make some quilts far more difficult to make than most and are priced accordingly.
  • I prefer for my customers to purchase the fabric for the project we decide on. This solves a few concerns. The first of which, is that most people who do not work with fabric have no idea just how expensive it can be, By purchasing the fabric themselves, the customer can appreciate what the cost of making a quilt really is. Usually this is where they either rethink what they want, or are all in.
  • Some customers prefer me to purchase or provide the fabric and all other materials involved in making a quilt. In this case I have a Non-Refundable materials cost which must be paid upfront.
  • If you have budget restrictions, let me know in the beginning. I will assist you in choosing a design that is affordable for you. Having said that expect to pay 50% of the initial quote beginning of the project and the balance upon completion. Once work has started however, that fee becomes Non-Refundable.  I accept Paypal, Venmo and cash.
  • It’s my joy to send you progress pics and updates as I work on your piece.
  • Design cannot be changed after work has begun, though I often will ask your opinion on little ideas that I have that come up in the creation process.
  • Your quilt will arrive with a label on the back that I can personalize for you or leave blank for you to personalize.
  • Deadlines must be communicated from the beginning of the project. Quilts are a slow art, and many hours need to be planned for.
  •  All of my bed quilts, table quilts, toppers etc are made to withstand washing in a regular washing machine.
  • Smaller art quilts are made to be hung and come ready to hang with a sewn in sleeve on the back.
  • Timeframe for delivery is based on my current work schedule of my day job and shop orders.
  • Pricing for custom quilts is per project and I am happy to send you a quote or proposal once we have discussed your design ideas.

Below you will find an idea of what is included in most custom quilters  pricing, and why handmade custom quilts are NOT priced to compete with factory made quilts at retail stores.

**This is an EXAMPLE of pricing, these are not my prices as I work hard to find the most economical fabric prices without sacrificing quality, but it DOES reflect the increase in fabric prices due to the pandemic economy.**